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Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Btk) - Dipel

How does it work?

Btk (Dipel) is an effective organic biological insecticide that has been used for over 30 years to control various Lepidoptera pests, including Cankerworm. Its efficacy in combating forestry and agricultural insect pests is well-proven. Btk is a preferred choice for tree pest control, such as gypsy moths, spruce budworms, and forest tent caterpillars.


Btk is rainfast, which means it is resistant to water wash off within 2 hours of application. Once applied to the foliage, it remains on the tree for 3 – 7 days until the cankerworm consumes it.


Btk works by producing a protein crystal during the spore-forming stage of its life cycle, which is only toxic to the larvae of specific insect species, including Cankerworm. When ingested by the cankerworm, the crystals convert into toxic protein molecules that destroy the walls of the insect’s stomach, resulting in the insect ceasing to feed within hours and dying within two to five days.

For effective and organic Cankerworm control, Btk (Dipel) is a safe and reliable option. For more information about Cankerworm, please click here.

Effect on Human, Wildlifes and Pets

Btk does not affect adult moths and butterflies, other insects, honeybees, fish, birds or mammals. It only becomes toxic in the alkaline gut of specific lepidopteran insects in the larval (caterpillar) stage of their life cycles.

According to Natural Resources Canada, Btk is considered by most people to be the safest bioinsecticide available at present.

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