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How to prevent Dutch Elm Disease (DED)?

One application of Arbotect® 20-S protects the entire tree for up to three years yielding significant cost savings. The most common
method of transmission of DED is on the bodies of elm bark beetle which feed on 2-4-year-old branches. There are multiple generations of elm bark beetles per year. Thousands of beetles may hatch from a singletree.


Multi-year control prevents transmission by elm bark beetles at peak flight times early in the growing season. To protect a tree from a beetle-transmitted fungal infection, Arbotect® 20-S must be evenly and completely distributed throughout the 2-4-year-old branches.

To ensure even distribution, Arbotect® 20-S is injected using the Macro-Infusion injection method. Macro-Infusion injects a large volume of solution into the root flares of the tree. This solution is then transported throughout the canopy providing a protective fungicide barrier.

Only Arbotect® 20-S has the ability to move into the newly formed sapwood, while resisting degradation resulting from cold, heat, and other adverse conditions.


Arbotect® 20-S was first registered over 30 years ago and has a proven 99% success rate when applied as per the manufacturer’s directions.

Timing of Application

Applications can be made after leaves have fully flushed in the spring. Treatments can continue throughout the growing season, or until fall colour begins.

Treatment should be used in conjunction with an insect control and sanitation program (early detection and rapid removal of infected trees) in order to obtain the best results.


The use of Arbotect 20-S does not prevent the transmission of Dutch elm disease via root grafts.

Effect on Human and Pets

This product has low toxicity in animal studies. Since the product is injected into the tree, direct contact of the pesticide is very unlikely. 

Arbotect injection at root flare
A "vaccinated" tree by Green Drop Tree

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