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Spring is upon us!  

Green Drops RootBoost , provides the necessary nutrients to trees when they come out of dormancy.
Spring is a crucial time for trees as they require nutrients to grow, flower, and fruit successfully throughout the year.
By fertilizing your trees during this time, you can greatly influence their overall health and appearance.

With RootBoost, you will improve the overall health and vigor of your trees, leading to more vibrant foliage and improved resistance to pests and diseases.

To learn more about RootBoost and how it can benefit your trees,  contact one of Green Drops’ ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists. These professionals are trained to evaluate and care for trees, and can provide you with recommendations specific to your tree’s needs.
With the help of RootBoost and their expert advice, you can keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy for years to comeAutumn is upon us, and your trees are preparing to survive our infamous
Canadian winters! Our RootBoost fertilization service will ensure that your
trees have the nutrients they need to undergo winter hardening and allow
them to wake up with renewed vigour next spring!

Watering & fertilizing your trees in the fall is the best method to ensure
your trees continued health. Contact one of our certified ISA Arborists about
a RootBoost fertilization today!


Green Drop Tree Care Services

We Care About Your Trees!

At Green Drop Tree Care our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists are trained to provide the best tree care recommendations and services for your property.

Be proactive in your tree wellness; keep your trees problem-free and limit the need for costly services!

Our tree care services for residential, commercial, and municipal customers maintain healthy trees that add value and beauty to your property.

Tree /Shrub Pruning

  • Proper pruning ensures aesthetically-pleasing trees that are healthy and long-living. From formative pruning to encourage proper structure of young trees to structural pruning to eliminate hazards and optimize health in mature trees, the arborists at Green Drop Tree Care will provide the best care for all of your trees.

  • Pruning/Trimming can be done for several reasons:

    • Removal of deadwood
    • Removal of hazardous branches
    • Shaping and thinning for light and wind
    • Filtration or raising of the lower branches

GreenDropTreeCare-Tree Service

Tree And Stump Removal

  • We safely remove trees and stumps—no matter how large. We have specialized training and equipment to tackle difficult and hazardous removals. At Green Drop Tree Service our arborists are (ISA) certified and you can trust them to get the job done right.

  • Removals can be done for several reasons:

    • Often trees out grow the area they are planted in and become too large
    • Storm damaged trees
    • Dead, dying, and diseased trees
    • Trees with cracks in the trunk or crotch

Tree Planting

  • At Green Drop Tree Care, We love planting trees!

    We plant 10, 15, 20, 25 gallon container and wire basket trees. Planting prices include the tree, mulch, and staking if required. Give us a call for some ideas on great trees to plant in Manitoba.


Plant Health Consultation And Diagnosis

  • We love taking care of trees

    Pest infestations can be significantly reduced by following a regular annual programs of insect and disease control and RootBoost fertilization

  • Green Drop Tree Care ISA-certified arborists stay current on the latest tree health concerns and treatment options. They thoroughly inspect trees and landscape plants to identify concerns and prescribe the best, science-backed management practices.

Municipal Services

  • Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

    There are so many different types of projects, we make sure to discuss every detail with you before beginning so you know exactly what to expect, and exactly how much it’s going to cost. 

  • Our comprehensive inventory management and cost comparison tools support effective budget planning. As part of our inventory process, we also perform quantitative assessments, including location, species, size, and conditional rating. We then create a customized plan that reflects the real-world conditions on your property.


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